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Back to school: The Pebble guide to restarting kid's activities after the summer break

Sep 1, 2022

Sep 1, 2022


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For most of us, the final days of the summer holidays are nigh. Depending on your approach to parenting life-admin, you’ll either be looking forward to getting back to your normal term-time routine or scouring the shops for those last-minute back-to-school supplies. Whatever stage you’re at, when it comes to planning extracurricular activities for the kids, we’ve got your back. Here’s our back-to-school guide to restarting kids' clubs and activities after the summer break.

Is a new term a good time to change activities?

With some children's clubs and kids activities pausing over the summer break, is the start of the new academic year a good time to regroup, re-evaluate and restart? The reality is, only your and your child will know the answer to this question. Do they love the activities they started last year? Do they want to carry on with it and get more skilled in their chosen subject? Or, are they keen to learn new skills and try out new activities? For those looking to spread their wings and develop new hobbies, now is a good time to have a look at other activities that could be on offer nearby. However, if your child is already a bit apprehensive about starting a new term, it might be sensible to stick with what they know, to give them a bit of continuity until the new term is underway.

Back-to-school tips (and how kids activities fit in!)

Whatever their age, many kids are apprehensive about starting or going back to school.

Re-establish routines

This summer has been one to remember - long hot summer days have meant early starts followed by late nights. Re-establishing routines, including bedtime, can help to prepare children for the return to school. Having regular after-school activities can be an important part of re-establishing a familiar routine.

Encourage independence

Get your children to play an active role in preparing for school. Can they choose new school supplies? Something as simple as a new lunch box or pencil case can ease their anxiety and make them feel excited about going back. Kids clubs and after-school activities can also be really helpful - as well as giving them something exciting to look forward to, getting involved in out-of-school activities is great for building their confidence and independence.

Establish healthy habits

The return to school means back-to-school dinners, or the daily chore of finding acceptable snacks to fill their lunch box. Involving your children in choosing and preparing healthy lunches and snacks can help them to feel in control. Helping them to find physical activities that they enjoy is also a great way of helping to establish long-term health habits which are good for body and brain!

Talk about it

Here’s at Pebble, we love to talk. As well as being a great way to bond over shared memories or chat about new experiences, talking it out is the best way to get someone to express any worries and tell you what they want. Listening to your child and making them feel heard is hugely underrated - sometimes, when life is busy, it can be easy to forget the power of words.

Celebrate the start of school

Going back to school can be stressful, for parents and kids alike. Why not flip the narrative? Celebrate the first day of school, make it enjoyable, focus on all the good things that they have to come in the year ahead - and, if they don't have much to look forward to, plan some activities that will keep them happy and healthy in the year to come!

Finding kids activities near me

If the thought of starting the search for new activities for the new term is weighing you down, then worry not! The days of searching for are over. As well as being able to book last-minute and ad hoc childcare, Pebble has partnered with a range of children’s activity providers, giving you easy access to a host of activities, which you can search by area, by day of the week or by the age of your child. In most cases, you can then book an instant spot - no waiting around for confirmations or calling around providers.

Kids activities and wellbeing

While Pebble is a great resource for parents who are juggling work and childcare, finding fun and stimulating activities for kids is great for their wellbeing too. Our blog pages are full of tips and insight into the psychological, social and educational benefits of a range of activities, from gymnastics classes and football clubs for kids, to drama classes and music lessons.

As well as being a whole lot of fun and a chance to hang out with friends, some of these activities can set kids up with the skills they need for life - from building neural pathways and helping with emotional regulation, to teamwork and communication. Yes, really!

Ready to book Pebble?

If you’re ready to take control of booking ad hoc childcare and activities, search for nearby activities here.