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7 Benefits of Drama Classes for Kids (and how to find the best one!)‍

Jul 19, 2022

Jul 19, 2022


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1. Kids drama classes are fun

Drama classes are a great way for kids to have fun and explore their creativity in a safe environment. A good drama class involves a mix of music, fun and games.

2. Drama classes are great for kids of all ages

Whether you’re specifically looking for a drama class for a child of a certain age, or happy to send your child to one that caters for all ages, there are a range of classes available.

If your little one loves to get involved in role play and dressing up, then introducing them to a kids drama class could help nurture their natural creativity. Equally, if you’ve ever heard yourself telling your older child or teen to stop being so dramatic, then they’re likely a good contender for a drama class too! Whatever their age, there will be a drama class out there that suits their needs.

3. Drama classes for kids are a great way to build confidence

Many people think kids drama classes are targeted at children who are outgoing, articulate and keen to showcase their acting skills. While they are a great outlet for more confident children, drama classes for children offer as much benefit for shy kids.

Kids drama classes can help to bring children out of their shell in a safe and supportive environment. As well as using games and role play to boost their confidence, children will learn collaboration, leadership, presentation and communication skills that will help them throughout their lives.

4. Drama classes are a great way for kids to make friends

Making friends is an essential part of growing up, and what better way to make friends than by joining a children’s drama class? In drama class, kids will learn how to work together and cooperate with others, which are important skills for life. By its very nature, a kids drama class can help children to form strong bonds as they work together, have fun and support each other each week.

5. Drama classes can help children to learn life skills

Most people think of drama classes as a way to learn how to act, dance and sing, but they actually help to build other life skills too! Drama classes teach children how to express themselves, work together as a team and think creatively. They can also help children to boost their emotional literacy, which includes how to express themselves and their emotions.

6. Drama classes can help to improve language and literacy skills

Research has shown that drama classes can help improve a child's language and literacy skills. As well as developing stronger reading skills in younger children, drama classes can also help kids become more confident and expressive when communicating. For younger children, learning new songs, playing games and participating in pretend play all contribute to their developing vocabulary.

7. Drama helps children to learn about cooperation

Drama classes for kids are a great way to learn about cooperation. Through drama, kids learn how to work together as a team, share ideas, and support each other. They also learn how to take turns and listen to others. All of these skills are important in both school and beyond.

What age can my child start attending a kids drama class?

Some classes start as young as 2. Don’t worry, your toddler won’t have a script thrust in their hand and be forced to audition, X-Factor style! For smaller children, the focus is likely to be imaginative play, movement, music, role play, puppets, craft and lots of fun.

How can I find the right drama class for my child?

First of all, have a chat to your child about the disciplines they are interested in - some classes will focus purely on dancing, acting or singing, while most will combine all three.

Have a look through our activity pages for a provider near you. Their website should give you an idea of what type of classes they offer, as well as whether they fall within your budget. Drama and stage schools will often have testimonials from students which will give you a feel for what they are like.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Worry not, our helpful team is at your disposal. Simply get in touch to let us know where you live and what type of activity your kids are hankering after and our team will do our best to find new suppliers in your area. We are adding new suppliers daily, so please check back regularly for more fun activities to keep your children entertained.