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Kids football activities: How to find the right football clubs for kids

Aug 2, 2022

Aug 2, 2022


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What is the best age to join a kids' football club?

As with all activities for kids, there are no golden rules about the right age to start. It all depends on your child - their interest levels, their confidence, and their ability to follow instructions. Football clubs for kids and football activities are available for children of all ages - from tots and toddler classes which focus on ball skills for children who can walk (usually 2 upwards) through to more serious and structured football clubs for teens.

How can I introduce my younger child to football?

Kicking is a natural reflex for little ones. Once they’re at the walking stage, you can more or less guarantee that if you pop a ball in front of them, they’ll give it a tap with their toes. Getting them started is just about having fun kicking a ball around - the rest will follow. Encouraging them to play with the ball will improve their coordination and balance, all of which are important in the future. Once your child is old enough, have a look for kids football classes near to you.

Are there many football clubs for girls?

Football clubs for kids come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mixed, while others are focused just on girls and boys. However, the historic win by the Lionesses in the summer of 2022 seems to have been a catalyst for progress. There has long been discussion around the need for more diversity in football, and girls’ football has often played second fiddle to the boys. However, the FA has announced the launch of 60 emerging talent centres across England, which should go some way to addressing that. It has also pledged to ensure equal access for all girls to play football in schools and clubs, a more diverse workforce of coaches and referees, and inclusive, safe, and welcoming environments for every woman and girl to play competitive or grassroots football, irrespective of ability, disability or race.

The Lionesses have been inspirational role models for the next generation – of both girls and boys, just as Southgate’s side were in 2021 – and their legacy will be to improve the provision of football classes for girls in the future. If your son OR daughter wants to play football, then browse our list of activity providers to find a football class local to you.

What should my child wear to a football club for kids?

When starting out, most children will wear trainers, a t-shirt and either shorts or tracksuit trousers - depending on the weather. Lots of football clubs will provide a vest or tabard to help distinguish between teams or positions. If your child and their football team end up playing other local kids football teams and clubs, then you may be asked to get them a kit, or gloves if they play in goal. You might also want to consider getting some proper football boots, although trainers are usually fine to begin with.

How do I buy the right football boots for my child?

If your kids develop a love for the game, it’s likely that the time will come that their trusty trainers will be retired to the subs bench and you’ll need to invest in some football boots.

Football boots are a billion-pound industry, so choosing the right ones can be a minefield. The breadth of choice can be both a blessing and a curse - but, at a basic level, it means there is a choice for every budget. Our top tip would be to set your budget first, which will narrow the window of choice. Think about where they will play - is it a grass pitch, astroturf, or hard ground? Each surface type lends itself to a different type of boot. Next, think about whether you’d rather go for leather or synthetic boots. When it comes to making the right choice, comfort is king. Boots need to fit well and offer support without being too tight. Your football club provider may be able to offer advice on the right type of boot.

What are the benefits of football for children?

As well as the more obvious benefits of running around in the fresh air (great for both physical and mental health), football has lots of benefits for kids. As a team game, football can help children to understand the importance of working together towards a common goal (literally!), and more general teamwork skills, It can also help with communication, following instructions, leadership, and even empathy. Being part of a team is also a great way to foster a sense of belonging and develop friendships, and the fact that they can’t always win is great for boosting resilience too.

Find a kids football club or activity near you

With plenty of choice, and potentially a lot of interest, now is a great time to find a football class for kids near you. Simply check out our list of suppliers, which can be filtered by location and age, to find the right one for you. If we don't currently have a supplier in your area, then let us know, or check back soon. Our team is constantly adding new suppliers to make sure that Pebble helps you to find children’s activities near to home.