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Navigating Baby's First Steps: Activities and Nutrition for Babies 10-12 Months Old

Jun 19, 2023

Jun 19, 2023


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As your baby approaches their first birthday, they are likely becoming more confident in their mobility, holding on to furniture to walk. They might also start trying to communicate and express themselves.

Read on for activity recommendations to promote growth and learning, as well as nutrition tips for this stage from our partner V&Me.

What are the best activities for 10-12 month old babies?

Time to get messy! Messy play with different textures, colours, and materials can help babies develop their sensory skills, including their sense of touch, sight, and smell.

Join a messy play class or playgroup on Pebble, or create your own messy play activity at home using different materials and food. Let your baby explore the different tastes, textures, and colours of the world around them.

What should 10-12 month old babies eat?

Make sure your baby is getting enough calcium - this is a vital micronutrient for their growth. If your eating routines are now well established, adding in a calcium rich pudding to lunch, like yoghurt or fruits, is a great idea!

Continue experimenting with textures to prevent fussy eating later on, and start including things which are not “easy”, such as soups and stews. Try giving your baby bread to dip into soups as a way to encourage them to self feed.

And if messy play activities are recommended, messy eating is definitely recommended too! Let your little one get messy at mealtimes. Food exposure doesn’t mean exclusively taste - touching, smashing, and seeing count too.

Read more nutrition tips for 10-12 month olds on V&Me’s blog.

By 10-12 months, your baby is gaining new skills and awareness of their environment. It's important to provide them with a nutritious diet and a stimulating environment to promote their growth and development. The content on this page should not replace professional medical advice. Remember to always follow your health professional's advice, and enjoy this special time with your child!