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Make a Song and Dance About It: The Boogie Beat Story

Toddler at an activity session under a rainbow-coloured parachute
Toddler at an activity session under a rainbow-coloured parachute

Oct 23, 2023

Oct 23, 2023


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Earlier this year, we welcomed Boogie Beat to the Pebble family. The business – organised activity sessions that are jam-packed with energy, music, dance and learning – has been around for more than two decades, and it continues to grow with new franchises set up in different areas.

At the heart of Boogie Beat is the knowledge that music and movement are vital for every child’s development. Now, with Pebble taking care of the booking process, the people behind Boogie Beat are able to spend less time on admin, and more time making a song and dance (literally!) about the great benefits of this type of activity. 

Music and movement for all ages

All across the UK, Boogie Beat offers energetic sessions that combine music and dance with carefully structured learning. The sessions are full of traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes set to music, using props such as scarves, bean bags, bubble machines, and parachutes to get children engaged.

As well as the popular parent-and-child sessions, there are workshops in nurseries, pre-schools and primary schools, parties and even multigenerational sessions where youngsters join residents for uplifting sessions in care homes.

We’ve helped to make the Boogie Beat booking process extra quick and simple, so you and your kids can now spend more time singing and dancing.

Five benefits for children 

Music and dance activities are more than just fun: research has shown that they benefit child development in so many ways. 

For example, in young children music and dance:

  1. Engages the brain – such as recognising patterns

  2. Cultivates communication skills – through interaction with others

  3. Allows children to express themselves – and can release pent-up emotions

  4. Develops physical skills – such as balance and coordination

  5. Contributes to creativity and imagination – as a creative outlet (and one that’s not in front of a screen!)

Education experts say that music plays a key role in brain development, and now regard it as a ‘vital part of a rich and rounded education’ – and many parents agree too! 

Here’s what one mother, J. Laura, recently said about her Boogie Beat sessions: “Absolutely love Boogie Beat, as does my son. It covers so many things – social interaction (e.g. sharing and listening), physical (e.g. dancing) and intellectual development (e.g. counting, colours, stories). My son has come on leaps and bounds since starting in a lot of ways. Lovely class.”

Turning passion into business

“I love the energy and excitement the children have for our sessions, and watching their confidence grow,” says Boogie Beat owner and director Hannah Cavalier. As a busy mum herself, she knows all about the need for flexible, family-friendly activities.

In 2015, after having her two children, Hannah was on the hunt for an opportunity that would fit around being a mum – and the Boogie Beat franchise was the perfect fit.

Hannah explains, “I was an area manager in retail and was often out of the house between 6am and 8pm. The timing just didn’t work with young kids. I had been to lots of baby groups while they were small, and had grown up with a love of music and dance, so I started to wonder if perhaps I could lead one of the groups that I had enjoyed as a mum.”

In her search for the right opportunity, Hannah attended a Boogie Beat class and, in her own words, “fell in love.” She was able to fit her classes around school runs and nursery hours.

Hannah’s passion for Boogie Beat grew and, in 2022, she bought the business.

More time to Boogie

It’s now even quicker and simpler to book a Boogie Beat session with Pebble. As well as booking classes, the new easy-to-use system means you can sort out all the signing-up paperwork with a click (so you can spend less time on the boring stuff and get straight to boogie-ing).

“We’ve had some great feedback from parents, who say how easy, intuitive and interactive it is,” says Hannah about the booking experience.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity that’s quick and easy to book, and fits in with your life – get your groove on at a Boogie Beat Movement and Music session near you today!