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How to make the most of Pebble

Jun 8, 2022

Jun 8, 2022


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As every parent knows, juggling work and family pressures can be hard. In recent years, the increase in flexible working means that many of us need childcare that is flexible too.

For those of us who work from home, have changing shiftwork patterns, or need flexible childcare to fit around other responsibilities, Pebble offers a simple way to manage and book childcare.

Finding kids activities near me

If you have ever found yourself frantically searching google for “kids activities near me”, then Pebble could save you hours of scrolling through results pages. As well as being able to book last-minute and ad hoc nursery slots, Pebble also has also teamed up with a range of children’s activity providers, giving you access to a range of things to do with kids near to home.

Whether you have a school-age child that is into arts and crafts or sports, or have a small baby and want to get out and meet other parents at baby massage or baby sensory classes, Pebble has a wide range of activities to please everyone.

Flexible childcare choices

One of the key things to understand about Pebble is that it is flexible. Traditionally, nursery places have been booked according to fixed criteria. For parents that work varied hours, pre-booking places isn’t always possible.

According to our research, half of parents (50%) say that frequent changes to their work schedules now make it more difficult for them to plan childcare ahead of time, while 49% often plan childcare the night before they need it.

Pebble gives parents a real-time view of nursery spaces. Need a place for tomorrow? Pebble can help. Got an unexpected meeting or need some activities to keep the kids busy over half term? Pebble has the answer. With no need to plan ahead, and real-time access to both nurseries and activities via a simple-to-use app, Pebble is the ideal solution for modern parents.

Book fun things to do with kids, fast

Sometimes finding an activity or a nursery isn’t the hard bit. Whether you turn to Google or one of the sites set up to help parents to navigate childcare options, there is a whole market dedicated to entertaining children. Often, the tricky bit is finding availability.

Pebble makes it easy to see what's available in your area at a glance, even at the very last minute. Find an activity that the kids like, check the availability in real-time and book an instant spot - no waiting around for confirmations or calling around providers. And, perhaps most importantly, no tears (theirs or yours!) when the chosen activity turns out not to have any spaces available.

Childcare choices and wellbeing

While Pebble is a great resource for parents who are juggling work and childcare, the reality is that the benefits extend to all families. Having access to ad-hoc nursery access, or finding stimulating activities to keep the children entertained can be a huge weight off anyone’s mind, as well as actively improving wellbeing for parents and children alike.

Importantly, with 10-20% of mothers struggling with mental health issues in the first year after giving birth, finding mother and baby classes can provide a great opportunity to meet people in your local area. At the same time, wellbeing activities for kids are important for developing positive social, emotional and communication skills. Using Pebble takes the stress out of finding classes and activities - which is great news for you, and your children.

Ready to book Pebble?

If you’re ready to take control of booking ad hoc childcare and activities, sign up to Pebble here.