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From Fussy Eating to Playful Learning: Activities and Nutrition for Babies 18+ Months Old

Jul 3, 2023

Jul 3, 2023


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In Partnership with V&Me.

As toddlers approach their second birthday, they continue to refine their motor skills, becoming more coordinated in their movements. They also become more social, engaging in play with other children and developing friendships.

From 18 months, babies start to use more complex language and may engage in pretend play, imitating the actions of adults and other children.

Read on for ideas of fun activities to promote growth and learning, as well as nutrition tips for this stage from our partner V&Me.

What are the best activities for 18+ month old babies?

Playgroups offer toddlers an opportunity to interact with other children their own age, helping them develop social skills positively and respectfully. As their language skills improve, playgroups provide an excellent environment for toddlers to interact with each other and other caregivers, practising their speaking and listening skills in a supportive and interactive setting. Browse and book playgroups near you on Pebble.

Music and movement classes often involve activities that encourage toddlers to move their whole bodies, helping them to develop their gross motor skills and coordination. These classes can also be a calming and therapeutic experience for toddlers, helping to regulate their emotions. Search music classes for children near you on Pebble.

What should 18+ month old babies eat?

It is common for parents to complain of “fussy eating” at this stage - read V&Me’s blog on mistakes to avoid for fussy eating for more details.

Exposing toddlers to a wide range of healthy foods, in a low pressure environment, is the key to help them develop a healthy relationship with food and prevent them from becoming overly picky eaters. Encourage them to try different textures, colours, and tastes, and don't give up if they don't like something right away. Remember - how your children eat is not a reflection of how good of a parent you are!

If you're finding it difficult to provide a healthy variety of meals for your toddler, consider using V&Me’s toddler meal service. They can take care of all the work for you, ensuring that your little one receives nutritious and delicious meals that are tailored to their needs.

By 18 months, your toddler is refining their skills daily. It's important to provide them with a nutritious diet and a stimulating environment to promote their growth and development. The content on this page should not replace professional medical advice. Remember to always follow your health professional's advice, and enjoy this special time with your child!