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The First Year


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Creating Meaningful Experiences: Activities and Nutrition for Babies 7-8 Months Old

Jun 5, 2023

Jun 5, 2023


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Babies grow and develop at an astonishing pace during their first year of life. By 7-8 months, babies become more independent and may start to crawl or shuffle, using their arms and legs to move around. They become more adept at grasping objects and can transfer them from one hand to the other. They may also start to recognise some words.

Read on for activity ideas to help you bond with your 7-8 month old baby, and also nutrition tips from our partner V&Me.

What are the best activities for 7-8 month old babies?

Swimming is not only a great form of exercise but also helps babies become comfortable in the water and learn basic water safety skills. Swimming lessons also provide an opportunity for babies to bond with their caregivers in a fun and engaging way.

Postnatal or yoga classes for parents and babies can help reconnect with yourself and develop a strong bond with your little one. Several classes also teach techniques to settle your baby in a supportive, nurturing environment. Postnatal light exercise classes also help with recovery after birth and encourage mindfulness. You can use Pebble to find postnatal classes near you.

What should 7-8 month old babies eat?

At 7-8 months, experimenting with different textures will help your little one develop their chewing skills, and introducing finger foods can help them practise self-feeding and improve their oral motor skills.

Iron is crucial for your baby's optimal growth and development, especially as their iron needs almost double by the time they are 7 months old. Some great sources of iron include red meat, fish, egg and fortified cereals.

It’s also important to introduce them to a wide variety of foods from all the food groups, both for their nutritional intake and to help them build healthy eating habits. If you want to save some time on food preparation, V&Me’s dietitian-planned baby menu includes over 50 foods to try, all cooked fresh daily and delivered to your door. Use PEBBLE10 for 10% off your first four orders with V&Me (code expires end of June 2023)!

The first few months of your baby's life are an exciting and important time for their development. By providing proper nutrition and engaging in fun and stimulating activities, you can help your baby thrive. The content on this page should not replace professional medical advice. Remember to always follow your health professional's advice, and enjoy this special time with your child!