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5 top tips for new dads

Feb 28, 2023

Feb 28, 2023


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We've partnered with Hank to give new dads some useful tips! Hank is a resource helping new dads prepare for the challenges of fatherhood.

Batch cooking

Create a supply of puréed baby food you can keep in the freezer.


Open a Junior ISA account and ask friends and family who want to buy a present to transfer cash (instead of 2000 baby grows!)

Antenatal friends

Do NCT classes and keep in touch with the friends you make. It's useful to have local people who can help each other out.

Expand your circle

It can be liberating to talk about the challenges of fatherhood with dads outside your friendship group. You can learn a lot from complete strangers!

First aid

Paediatric first aid courses don’t take long to complete and will make you feel more confident – particularly if you’re a new dad.

Find first aid classes on Pebble! We have classes in Harrow, Redhill & Croydon, North West London, Haringey & Walthamstow and Kensington.