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Earth Day: How to Discuss the Environment with Children

Apr 19, 2023

Apr 19, 2023


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Over the past 50 years, Earth Day has evolved into an important platform for creating conversation around making our planet healthier for people and animals alike. People all over the world come together to take action and prompt discussions on issues like carbon emissions, conserving energy, and air quality.

With this year’s Earth Day theme focused on taking action and being a part of the green revolution, we explore how our lovely Pebble parents can educate children about how their small everyday actions can make a big difference in preserving the planet.

Top tips for discussing the environment with kids

Make it fun

As with any topic, the best way to get children interested is to make the discussion fun and interactive. You could take them on a nature walk, play an educational game, or create a poster about environmental issues together.

Keep it relevant

Explain how environmental issues are relevant to them and how they can have an impact on their lives. Showing them the connection between their actions (such as dropping rubbish) and the direct impact on the environment will help them become more conscious of the role they play.

Be positive

Climate change is having a huge impact on the planet and, for many of us (children and adults alike), thinking about the potential outcome can be overwhelming. Focus on the positive changes that can be made and their impact. See below for some simple ideas.

Empower children to make a difference

Give kids ideas of what they can do to help the environment and let them decide which activities they would like to pursue. Letting them have some control over their actions will make them feel empowered and proud of their efforts. Help them to understand the difference that one person can make - Greta Thunberg is a great role model for kids who might doubt the power that they can have!

Keep the conversation flowing

Conversations about the environment don’t need to wait for a special moment, they can (and should!) crop up in many different situations. From chatting about water saving at bedtime to switching off lights, taking care of flowers and plants, to the importance of reducing waste by recycling, repairing or repurposing broken toys or household items. Lots of everyday occurrences can get little minds thinking about our environment and the role they can play.

Modelling sustainability

Perhaps as powerful as any conversation, modelling green-living and making sustainable choices as a parent will help kids develop an understanding of environmental issues and potential solutions.