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Choosing the right kids dance class near me

Jun 20, 2022

Jun 20, 2022


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A Pebble guide to children’s dance classes

Looking for dance classes for your children? Book with Pebble and find real-time vacancies near you today.

What age can kids start dance classes?

There’s no definitive age for starting classes, so it’s best to check with the provider. Many more formal dance classes start between the ages of 4-5, while others start as soon as your child is toilet trained, able to focus and happy to follow instructions. If your child is younger, keep an eye out for toddler dance classes or “movement lessons”, which offer younger children the chance to focus on music and movement. We have plenty of these on Pebble for you to try.

Should I enroll my child in a toddler dance class?

A study by the Department of Psychology at the University of York suggested that babies are born with a predisposition to move rhythmically in response to music. So a love of dance and movement can start young! Once your child is stable on their feet, they could benefit from very simple dance classes which will help improve coordination and flexibility, build social skills, and nurture creativity. Classes are also a great way for you to meet parents with children of similar ages. At this age, simplicity is key. Dance classes for toddlers should be all about having fun!

What type of kids dance class should I choose?

There are a huge variety of dance classes of different styles for kids (and parents!) to choose from. Our top tip is to match the style to your child’s personality, music tastes and preferences. If they are graceful and controlled, perhaps ballet is the way to go. If they love chart music and making up their own dance routines, then street dance or hip hop may be a good choice.

Many dance classes for younger children will offer a mix of different styles, giving them the opportunity to find the right one for them. Whatever style you go for, your child’s first foray into dance classes will undoubtedly be focused on musicality, creativity, and fun! Check-in with your child during and after the class and go with what feels right.

Popular dance styles for children:

Hip Hop: Hip hop dancing is often about improvisation and freedom of expression. If your child likes to create their own dances or copy music videos, hip hop could be the right dance style for them.

Ballet: Ballet dancing is a more graceful and formal style and the classes are likely to be more structured. It can be a great foundation for other styles of dance.

Acro: Acro is a mix of acrobatics, modern and classical dance moves, and is growing in popularity. A very athletic dance style, children will build up their strength and coordination in a fun and fast-paced class.

Jazz: Jazz dancing is all about improvisation, high energy, skill, and explosive movements. Some jazz dance classes require some experience of ballet first.

Tap Dance: If you’ve ever seen Singing in the Rain and Billy Elliot, then you’ll recognise the tippy tappy, rhythmic sound of tap dance. Ideal for children who really feel the beat of the music.

Are dance classes good for children?

In a word, yes! Dance classes offer children all kinds of benefits, from the more obvious health benefits associated with keeping kids active, to building self-confidence and self-discipline, making friends, or simply having an opportunity to move! Perhaps most importantly, dance classes can be great fun.

What should kids wear to dance lessons?

Many dance classes will have their own uniform, while others will just want your child to wear something comfortable and non-restrictive. Make sure your child has had the opportunity to try the class and that they want to keep going before splashing the cash on uniforms, branded t-shirts, or even specialist dance shoes. Though it's tempting to get them all kitted out to match the other kids in the class, a t-shirt and leggings or joggers will be fine to start with.

Does enrolling my children in a dance class mean I need equipment for them to practice at home?

This very much depends on the type of dance class you and your children fall in love with. In many cases, all you need is some happy feet and a willingness to learn! There are some more obvious exceptions. Tap dance requires metal-capped tap shoes, while practicing acro at home may need a dance mat or crash mat, and some very watchful eyes! For most types of dancing, home practice just requires some suitable dance music for kids to get lively to. Lots of game consoles also offer dance games, which can help to build confidence and stamina from the comfort of your living room.

How can I find kid's dance classes local to me?

If you’re looking for a dance class for kids in your area, then you’re in the right place. Pebble works with a wide range of providers who offer different types of dance classes to keep your kids entertained - from ballet and modern to jazz and tap. Our team hand-selects the providers we work with, ensuring that they share our love for providing enriching activities for your children. Simply enter your postcode to find a dance class near you, then book online.

Can’t find the right dance class for your kids? We’re adding new providers all the time. Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to find something that fits the bill.