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Tax Details

Tax Details

Sprout Care Trading As Pebble – UK Tax Strategy

Financial Year Ending 31 December 2023

This UK Tax Strategy applies to Sprout Care Limited (the ‘Company’)

The UK Tax Strategy has been prepared specifically to meet the UK legislative requirement to publish a tax strategy in Part 2 of Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016. Its aim is to set out our approach to arranging the Company’s UK tax affairs.

This UK Tax Strategy applies to all UK taxes applicable to the Company’s UK entities and is reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Our UK Tax Strategy has four key components:

1. Approach to UK tax compliance

Sprout Care is committed to complying with all relevant UK tax laws, rules and regulations.
Our aim is to pay the amount of tax legally due at the right time.

Our aim is to submit all UK tax returns on a timely basis and report to HM Revenue &

Customs (“HMRC”) sufficient information. Documentation is retained to support the information presented in the tax returns for at least the period required by law.

2. Attitude to UK tax planning

Sprout Care will consider undertaking a commercial transaction in a way that allows the Company to take advantage of tax reliefs or incentives, providing this is aligned to our commercial objectives. This is consistent with the Company’s overall approach to risk management.

3. Risk management and governance

There are a number of factors that affect the Company’s tax risk and these arise both internally and externally. Sprout Care’s ability to control these factors varies and it works to minimise these risks to an acceptable level. For example:

  • new and developing tax legislation is monitored and when new or changed legislation is announced, the impact on the Company is assessed and active measures are taken to ensure there are adequate processes in place to comply with any change;

  • tax risks in relation to compliance and reporting are managed by meeting regularly with professional advisers to both keep abreast of changes in these areas and to seek information on new systems and software; and

  • if a position is uncertain, the Company may obtain third-party advice in order to gain clarity or support for a particular stance or approach.

Any tax risks are included in the Risk Register as part of Sprout Care’s approach to risk management.

4. Approach toward dealings with HMRC

Sprout Care expects all staff to conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and respect when

communicating with HMRC.

We strive that all information presented to HMRC be arranged in a clear and transparent

manner and that all relevant legal disclosure requirements should be complied with in order

to avoid unnecessary disputes.

By implementing these tax strategies, we aim to optimise our tax position while ensuring compliance with UK tax laws and regulations. Regular monitoring and adjustment of our tax strategy will be essential to adapt to changes in our business environment and tax landscape.